Zweck takes its inspiration and identity from the German word for purpose

Zweck’s purpose is to bring happiness and positive energy wherever possible. Zweck endeavours to do this by creating an exclusive range of versatile, stylish and highly-wearable garments and accessories that empower women in their daily lives.

A Zweck piece is timeless, authentically elegant and allows the wearer to express themselves. A signature feature of Zweck is versatility – and the ability to wear the same piece and yet to look fresh and different.

Zweck uses beautiful fabrics sourced from all over the world to create high-quality fashion that enhances confidence and self-expression.

Quality and versatility are always good value for money and Zweck pieces are ideal for those who love variety, either at work or social settings or while travelling. A few selected pieces take up minimal space both in your wardrobe or suitcase while allowing you to create a new look for every occasion. Life and travelling are better with Zweck.


Zweck was founded by Klara Forrest who is passionate about women’s well-being and happiness.

Klara worked for many years as an obstetrician and has always been interested in fashion. Few years after she moved to Australia, Klara identified a need for practical, stylish golfing attire for women in 2012 and out of this need Klara Forrest’s eponymous label “Klara Forrest” was born.

The "Klara Forrest" range expanded quickly to include stylish daywear – with practical features included in almost every design. Tailored suits and evening wear followed, with a range of innovative accessories designed by Klara with today’s modern woman in mind.

The "Klara Forrest" range evolved naturally into the Zweck label – and so the journey continues…


Exclusive – many designs are unique, bespoke “one-off” pieces and at most small production runs of fewer than 25 pieces. Zweck is not about mass production.

Versatile – Zweck pieces can be worn in many different ways, allowing women to express themselves authentically and with confidence.

Quality – Zweck sources beautiful fabrics and exquisite leather around the world. Most pieces are made in Australia. Whether items are fabricated in Australia or overseas, Zweck is careful to ensure that workers are fairly paid and able to lead content and fulfilled lives.

Timeless – Zweck pieces are to be loved and worn for many years to come. While every creation is different but we aim to attain classy designs with a touch of excitement that will never be out of fashion.

Comfort – Zweck believes beauty is a comfort and is determined that the pieces facilitate the lives of modern women.


Zweck’s vision extends beyond fashion and drives a passion to contribute to the lives of others in a positive way. In June 2019, Zweck held the inaugural Fashion Parade and Gala for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Featuring over 40 amateur models from all walks of life, the Zweck Gala was a resounding success, raising over $21,000 to improve the lives of ill children through PCH’s innovative music therapy program. Zweck has already touched many lives with its passion and positive energy – and the journey is only just beginning.