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General information:

Our 'Face-Lift' is the interchangeable front cover to all the different types of our 'Diverse' handbags; one size fits all, offering you multiple new looks in one bag. It is designed to overcome the taxing dilemma of changing your bag, offering you time and convenience.

Inspired by the concept of sustainability, we added the element of versatility to style and comfort in our design, enabling us to create a product that ticks all the boxes: Elegant, timeless, practical, comfortable and versatile. There will be no need to buy another bag or discard an old one in the effort to showcase your ever-evolving self.

You will love the luxury of changing your bag in seconds. That is without the need to transfer all your essentials from one bag to another.

 Unzip the current 'Face-Lift' and zip-on the one which will suit your next outing. You can also spice the look up by adding one or few of our Magnetic Brooches. Look for them in our accessory section.

Specific product information:

Exclusivity always feels great. Knowing that there are only 20 women in the world wearing their 'Diverse' handbag with 'Clarion' Face-lift is empowering. We update this number on monthly basis in regards of accepting new orders.

Having been handcrafted from exquisite genuine leather, our 'Clarion' Face-Lift is a divine must have fashion accessory, embracing your clear leadership in style and exclusivity. It features a red sliding strap celebrating the power of black and the courage of gold.

An absolute must have.You have it all style, comfort and versatility and are set to make unforgettable memories. 

 Detailed Features and Benefits:

  • Genuine leather
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Easy to store in your wardrobe
  • Easy to pack while travelling
  • Easy zip on-off system
  • Weight: 150g approximately
  • 28 cm by 27 cm [ L x W ]
  • The 'Clarion' Face-Lift can be zipped on each 'Diverse' model
  • Included complementary satin dust bag
  • Two small silver buckles on the inner sides to attach different straps
  • Two small pockets on the inner sides to hold the strong magnetic disks which allow the closing of your bag.
  • Style may be customized with alternative colour combination at an extra charge
  • Made in Indonesia



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