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You know how hard it is to change your bag every time you change your clothes, which is on a daily basis; It is almost impossible. Often, you decide to go with the same bag [due to the difficulty]. The other thing that we all agree on is how hard a task it is to find your car key, pen, lipstick, phone and other important belongings at the bottom of your big bag, which you thought was spacious enough to enable you to find things easily.

It is obvious that we are all after comfort, being organised and having plenty of time for more important tasks in our busy life styles.

That is why you are going to love our solution: A well designed bag, with space for all your essentials that can magically turn into a new bag in seconds.

Did we get your attention? Keep reading and look at all photos of the many compartments, the two different detachable strands, and more!

 Unzip the current 'Face-Lift' and zip on the one which will suit your next outing. It is a revolution in style, comfort and versatility, embracing the idea that pieces should be timeless, rather than being in fashion for only one season.

Having been handcrafted in limited numbers (only 25) from exquisite genuine leather, our 'Apolo Face-Lift' resonates the legacy of famine power and simplicity.

Handcrafted from exquisite genuine leather, it features a studded gold frame on a plain black background.

Detailed Features and Benefits:

  • Genuine leather
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Easy to store in your wardrobe
  • Easy to pack while travelling
  • Easy zip on-off system
  • Weight: 150g approximately
  • 28 cm by 27 cm [ L x W ]
  • The 'Apolo Face-Lift' can be zipped on each 'Diverse' model
  • Included complementary satin dust bag
  • Two small silver buckles on the inner side to attach different straps
  • Two small pockets on the inner side to hold the strong magnetic disks which allow the closing of your bag.
  • Style may be customized with alternative colour combination at an extra charge
  • Made in Indonesia