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Wouldn't you love to own a designer leather bag that offers you two different looks? With many compartments plus two different detachable straps ?

Can you imagine the comfort of being able to change your bag in seconds? Without the stress of transferring all your essentials from one to another?

Changing bags has never been this easy. In one elegant move, unzip the original classic black cover and zip on the complementary  'Katniss Face-Lift'. Elegant and distinctive it defines the paths, opportunities and ambitions of modern women.

You have it all, style, comfort and versatility and are set to make unforgettable memories.

An absolute must have. 

Looking for more? Check our Face-Lift section, you can buy extra front covers and keep having fun swapping the faces of your bag to match your everyday outfit. 

Check our accessories section for Magnetic Leather Brooches which you can attach to different part of your bag. Add your personality to it and own your own style.  

Detailed features of 'Diverse 5'

  • Genuine leather
  • L:26  H:17  W:7 cm
  • Red cotton lining
  • Zip-on interchangeable front cover
  • Magnetic front closure
  • Removable, adjustable long leather strap for shoulder or cross-body carry (120 – 140 cm)
  • A silver buckles on each side of the bag to attach the long leather strap
  • Removable braided leather-chain strap (100 cm)to be attached to the two small silver buckles located on the inner side of the front cover.
  • Can be worn as a shoulder or a cross-body bag or even carried as a clutch
  • Interior zipper pocket ideal for coins, notes or different currencies while traveling
  • Outside compartment with zip closure for cell phone
  • Build-in wallet for 8 credit cards and notes
  • Lip-stick holder
  • Pen holder
  • Complementary mirror with leather frame
  • flat pocket for documents
  • Build-in soft sunglasses cover ( 15 x 9 cm)
  • It is perfectly proportioned to hold an IPad mini  
  • Included complementary satin dust bag
  • Designed in Australia
  • Made in Indonesia

 Detailed Features and Benefits of 'Zadora Face-Lift'( Extra front cover of your bag)

  • Limited edition : only 9 of these Face-Lifts have been created
  • Genuine leather
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Easy to store in your wardrobe
  • Easy to pack while traveling
  • Easy zip on-off system
  • Weight: 150 g approximately
  • Dimension of 'Zadora' Face-Lift 28 cm by 27 cm [ L x W ]
  • Two small silver buckles on the inner sides to attach braided leather-chain strap
  • Two small pockets on the inner sides to hold the strong magnetic disks which allow the closing of your bag.
  • All other face-lifts can be zipped on 'Diverse 5' model
  • Included complementary satin dust bag
  • Style may be customized with alternative colour combination at an extra charge
  • Designed in Australia 
  • Made in Indonesia



Your bag is made of high quality, genuine leather. A much needed luxurious investment in both comfort and style. If you damage your bag, please consult a leather specialist. However, for regular storing and care, the following tips may help.
Storing: Place your leather bag in an upright position in the original linen or satin bag when not in use. To keep your product in its original shape, it is recommended to be padded with soft cotton. Ensure metal accessories do not contact the leather as this may result in your leather being marked. Do not store in unbreathable packaging such as plastic bags. Keep away from high heat sources such as blow dryers and radiators.
Wearing and Caring: Please avoid overfilling your bag to maintain its original shape. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and cosmetics. Polish your leather gently with a natural-coloured soft woollen cloth. Do not use any other cleaning product without consulting your leather specialist. Do not wipe your bag if it is wet. Absorb the water by dabbing gently with a fine woollen cloth. You can remove pomaded marking with unscented talcum powder. Dust this on the mark and leave overnight. Brush this off gently the next morning with a clean or new makeup brush. Minor scratches can be worn off through the gentle circular movement of your finger. The finger used is to be free of grease or moisture. Do not attempt to repair serious damage yourself. Consult a specialist.
Facts and General Rules: Extensive exposure to light or fluorescents will result in a change of colour in light coloured leather, with extreme reference to white leather bags. Prolonged contact with denim and other dark-coloured materials may cause ‘migration’, in which the dark pigmentation irreversibly penetrates the light leather it touches.