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Our goal in each and every of our product design process is to offer solutions to your every day  challenges as a busy modern women. 

Changing bags could not get any faster or easier., Thanks to its innovative functionality, all you need to do is to zip off the interchangeable front cover of your ‘ Diverse handbag’ ( we call  it ‘ Face-Lift) and zip on ‘Artemis’. One smooth move and you are set to stand out.

 Having been handcrafted in limited numbers (only 25) from exquisite genuine leather, our 'Artemis Face-Lift' is one size fit all. So no matter which 'Diverse' handbag you already have, it can be zipped on all of them, 'Diverse3', 'Diverse5', 'Diverse7' and even 'Diverse9'.  

Stylish and graceful, it resonates the legacy of famine power and simplicity. It features a studded silver frame on a plain black background.

You have it all: style, comfort and versatility.

Detailed Features and Benefits:

  • Genuine leather
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Easy to store in your wardrobe
  • Easy to pack while traveling
  • Easy zip on-off system
  • Weight: 150g approximately
  • 28 cm by 27 cm [ L x W ]
  • The 'Artemis Face-Lift' can be zipped on each 'Diverse' model
  • Included complementary satin dust bag
  • Two small silver buckles on the inner side to attach different straps
  • Two small pockets on the inner side to hold the strong magnetic disks which allow the closing of your bag.
  • Style may be customized with alternative colour combination at an extra charge
  • Made in Indonesia