Countess Neckline

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Hand-Beaded Neckline

Zweck Australia

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Exclusivity always feels great. Knowing that you are the only one in the whole entire world wearing 'Countess' Neckline is empowering.  

The ‘Countess’ will change an ordinary outfit to something that will make you stand out in the crowd. Creating your signature look when there is no competition is an incredible feeling. 

The choices are endless, you may throw it over any dress, top, knit or a even a gown that you have worn before and showcase your own new signature look.

Unique, functional and elegant, you will absolutely love the choices it brings to your wardrobe. Comfortable and light to carry, it will be your best travelling company  offering many new looks in seconds. 

Hand beaded, the ‘Countess’ Neckline always delivers its promise: You, to be remembered and unforgettable memories. 


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