Edith Piaf Neckline

Edith Piaf Neckline


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Hand-Beaded Necklines

Zweck Australia

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Hand beaded in Australia with the high quality black Bugle Beads on fine embroidered piece, ‘Edith Piaf’ Neckline will always deliver its promise: Make you stand out! Beautiful, loud and clear.

You can wear it as a necklace or as an addition to any outfit; high or low, under the jacket or on top of any dresses, gowns, even knitwear, blouses and shirts to inject a new look to your favorite pieces.


How to wear it low?

The magnetic discs on the two top corners of the neckline, offer the option of wearing it low, adjust the ‘Edith Piaf’ Neckline wherever you like and place the two complementary loose magnetic discs behind the garment you wish to wear it with and you are set to make unforgettable memories.

How to wear it high?

Simply use the eye and the hook at the back for closure.

What is the functionality of the third magnetic disc at the bottom of 'Edith Piaf' Neckline?

It makes the neckline to look as part of your outfit. Simply place the third loose magnetic disc behind the garment wherever feels comfortable, to be attached to the  magnetic disc at the bottom of the neckline. 

This piece is great for traveling, enabling you to create few different elegant looks while traveling light.

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