Hematite Charm Neckline

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Hand-Beaded Necklines

Zweck Australia

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Hand beaded in Australia with exquisite black Crystals and Bugle Beads,the ‘Hematite Charm’ Neckline is a stand out piece.

It can be worn as a necklace or as a collar addition to any top or dress regardless of neckline, transforming your look instantly and effortlessly.

The magnetic discs on the top two corners of the neckline, accommodate placement of ‘Hermatite Charm’ on any neckline or material. The third magnetic disc at the bottom of 'Hematite Charm' ensures it sits flat on your chest. 

Using the small hook and eye at the back, 'Hematite Charm' can be worn by itself as a necklace 

This piece is great for traveling, enabling you to pack a light yet versatile travel wardrobe.

It is also the perfect gift idea for someone special who already has everything, because chances are they will not have this!

We cater to bespoke orders in a myriad of different colors, delivering in 4 to 6 weeks.


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